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Many people know Mirmax Security from our basic security officer services. However, Mirmax also offers a comprehensive range of value-added services delivered by our security professionals. Our officers can provide outsourced services beyond the traditional duties of standing post, making patrol rounds or standard access control.

Value-added services mean that companies can focus their resources on their core competencies and outsource other services to providers who specialize in those areas. When Mirmax provides value-added services, our client partners control operating costs, improve their internal and external focus, free internal resources for other purposes and make capital funds available.

However, clients cannot receive, and Mirmax cannot deliver, value-added services unless our basic services are refined and of a high quality. Once there is a stable platform of service, a true partnership can be created. This means that Mirmax becomes a true security strategic partner for your organization.

Here are some of the advantages of using Mirmax's value-added services:

  • Cost-effective approach to providing non-core services
  • Redeployment of internal resources
  • Reduced training costs
  • Reduced cost of turnover, improved retention
  • Ease of administration  one point of contact for many services
  • Simplified billing  one bill for all services rendered
  • Using one vendor instead of many reduces confidentiality issues
  • Standardized hiring practices
  • Benefit of Mirmax's core business innovations and best practices
  • Benefit of performance metrics based on client?s expectations
Clients recognize the importance of value-added services. Our research has shown us that clients who used a number of value-added services had a higher level of customer satisfaction. Additionally, as a supplier, Mirmax experienced higher retention and satisfaction rates for our officers. In fact, operating costs were reduced due to decreased turnover and related training costs. Another benefit of value-added services is that security officers are afforded the opportunity for career advancement, as they typically require a higher level of training and capabilities. Lets take a look at what types of value-added services Miramax can provide.

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